Loft Flooring

What Is The Best Loft Flooring Type?

Loft flooring options are various let you to choose according to your need or desire. Before selecting the loft flooring, it is best to have knowledge because some are cheaper and others are expensive. Loft flooring options are various and most of them have drawbacks, so before decision think carefully. Here, you will get to know pros and cons of some basic loft flooring options and their usage.

1.  Chipboards


If you intend for DIY then you must choose chipboards for your loft floor. This the cheapest process that you can do by yourself. It is a fun way as to lay chipboards on the joist directly.


The cons come with this type is it does not let adequate airflow and any space required for insulation depth, almost required between 240mm to 270mm.





2.  Insulation Boarding


If you do not love the concept of laying chipboards on the joists directly then you can purchase and lay insulation boarding on the joists.


Insulation boarding is costly and does not meet the standard solution of insulation.

3.  Counter Battens


At the top of the joists, using counter battens enhance the level of the floor.


Using counter battens for loft flooring do not let adequate space for airflow and insulation.

4.  LoftZoneStoneFloor 

This technique provides the professional finish to the loft floor and is done only by professionals. This type, solve the problem of airflow and insulation. It is a unique type of modular system. The advantage of this system is to give additional storage space can be utilized for different other purposes and is one of the best loft flooring systems that meet the building regulations. By adapting this technique, you have no worry about the strength of floor.

We can say that this type is the most considerable type for loft flooring with its quality and benefits. I am sure you do not want to compromise on loft flooring.

By reading about the type of loft flooring, you come to know that every type has different pros and cons. For flooring system, if you prefer DIY then you must adapt it otherwise, you can get professional help or contact to Best Loft Conversion London. It is completely your choice because loft is yours and you can better understand that which type of loft conversion you want.

If you contact Best Loft Conversion London, we will give you best advice not for your flooring system but the best useful conversion type for your loft. Different people have different needs and taste and the selection of loft conversion type reflects your personality and preference. So, if you have any type of questions related to loft conversion, flooring system and other more you have better option with Best Loft Conversion Company.  For number of people adequate amount of insulation is their motive as well as create the most desirable place to have fun and enjoy. We will help you to accomplish your dream loft so that you and your family can enjoy.


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