Are you interested to add more space to your property rather than to move out?

    Are You Looking For Additional Space In Your House? Do you want a Loft Conversion for your London house? We are specialized in first-class Loft Conversions around London. We have expertise to offer custom Loft Conversion in order to create a versatile fit. Since our beginning, we have worked according to the expectations of clients and they just rely on the work done previously.Best Loft Conversion London Company with all its experiences and skills ensures you to meet the high standard goals. As an experienced Best Loft Conversion London Company (Visit, we are privileged to offer the best service since 1999. Best Loft Conversion London Company offers you free consultation at initial level without any obligation quote. You are free to contact us and allow our experienced and skill full team to convert your loft dream into reality.



    How Much Valuable A Loft Conversion In London?

    A Loft Conversion in London gives you the best possible way to enhance the worth of your property such as home. You do not need to move out. Can you guess that how much price a Loft Conversion in London add? A Loft Conversion in London assures to add more than 25 percent in value, thus creates an ideal solution to make money in the future too. We all know that there is a space issue in London, Loft Conversions are cost effective and families find it the ideal home improvement so far. It let the families to improve the living area than moving home.

    Key Feature


    Loft Conversions- Best To Add Worth And Space To Your London Home

    Loft Conversions in London creates an ideal solution to upgrade the worth of your London house as well as they offer other incredible opportunities to families. You can convert your vacant loft space into valuable space not only for you but for your family too. You can convert your empty space into bathroom, home office or even bedroom. As an experienced Best Loft Conversion London, we have multiple designs to build Loft Conversions. With growing families, the space has become an issue in London. There are families who are unable to afford a big house to accommodate all family members, we are here to help you. We can create an additional space in your house and you just need to Google our Loft Conversion Gallery to get incredible ideas.  

    Stress-Free Loft Conversion In London

    It is our primary duty to offer stress-free Loft Conversions in a crowded city like London. We assure the peaceful work with a noise at minimum level. We will fully co-operate with your working schedule and assure you to keep all the material and supplies. In case of going is obligatory, we will take all safety measures and protective precautions so that it will not harm your wall, floor or even furniture. During the whole process of building Loft Conversion and creating the design, we will take the permission from the related building establishments. If you want to share your ideas and plans then we are ready to build according to your ideas.

    The Best Loft Conversion London Company gives a professional and experienced site manager to you in case of any queries during the process of building Loft Conversions. You are free to ask any question from one of our manager and he will discuss to you your requirements. You can rely on one word mouth and we will ensure to meet your expectations. If you want any affordable Loft Conversion for your London home, then we will make less expensive Loft Conversion plan for your home.


    Do You Have Your Own Loft Conversion In London?

    If you have an idea about the type of Loft Conversion then you are free to contact us for a location survey. Best Loft Conversion London Company offers the best service across London and within M25. You are allowed to browse our Loft Conversion Gallery to find the idea about the design. You can go through our planning process to have an idea about different stages required for building a loft conversion from beginning to end. If you have any type of queries related to Loft Conversion, we are ready with our best solutions. You can ask various types of questions such as what would be the cost of Loft Conversion or you can ask about loft storage choices. We offer the free initial consultation and if you are satisfied with our plans and ideas then you can drop your email address with your name and address of your home. You can leave a short message about what you want from us, we will access to your home at convenient time. We will give you a rough estimate for your Loft Conversion. Once you will show trust on us then we will provide our service to start your work. It is as simple as to see your own Loft Conversion in dream.


    Loft Conversion Work Procedure

    1. Location Survey and Quote

    If you are ready to build your Loft Conversion from us then one of our team member will manage a suitable time to visit your property.

    2. Contract and Building Rules

    Whatever your plan is, our theme makes it simple to combine, rearrange and customize elements as you desire.

    3. Best Finishing

    When the Loft Conversion process will be end, we will inspect thoroughly to examine the minor fault and fix it.

    4. Enjoy your Loft

    When the work is completed, we are happy to give your loft to you.

    Ideas For Loft Conversions & Tips For London Houses


    If you go for the Loft Conversion for your London houses then you can be able to add extra space based on amount you want to spend. Without moving,you add space to your attic and enhance the worth of your property for a longer time. Below is our guide for those who are interested in Loft Conversions. You can easily follow the ideas and tips related to your properties. Before to start the work, keep few things in minds such as budget, the internal structure of your house and additional bedroom’s specification. You are allowed to install different other things like windows, natural lights, cupboards, staircases, built-in storage and many more. We will discuss all types of Loft Conversion ideas to you and will turn your dream into reality. The budget is the key factor for your loft and with the help of Loft Conversion ideas, you are able to pick the best idea and plan within your budget.


    Is Your Loft Suitable For Conversion In London?

    Before to start a Loft Conversion, it is an important step to check either the loft space is suitable for conversion or not. In London, most of the houses have permitted development. It means that you do not need any type of planning permission for your Loft Conversion. We will come for a location survey, visit your house and will give you the guide regarding Loft Conversion.

    Evaluate the Headspace

    Do you have any idea that your loft or attic requires a minimal head height of 2.3meter to create a functional room? If yes, then you can start a Loft Conversion because for the conversion of your loft, an appropriate height is required. Various other barriers can affect your planning or even can delay the planning permission procedure include chimneys, roof and water tanks.  Do not need to worry if the head height is lesser than 2.3meter. We have various other options for our clients. By removing the section of the roof or all roof, can extend the headspace. This will obviously alter your estimated budget and surely, increase the cost. You will require a planning permission too.

    Below Floor Is Considerable

    If you are not interested to remove the roof then there is other considerable option. You can do the minor changes with the ceiling of the room below so that the required loft space is achieved. By adopting this idea, you can get required headspace of 2.3 meter. This idea, in turn, will add to cost but at the same time can solve your issue for extra space.

    Have A Look Around Your Street

    If you are looking for a Loft Conversion for your property then you can get a clue around your house. For Loft Conversions, you can get the idea of similar houses on the street. You can witnessed either they had Loft Conversion and then you can do for your property without any hesitation. Nothing is impossible except you start a Loft Conversion.

    Types of Loft Conversions In London

    Best Loft Conversion London Company understand the need of their clients and believe that each Loft Conversion has its own specifications and exceptional. It does not only depend on the selection of your house across London but the people lifestyle, taste and plans they have. The type of Loft Conversion you want to think mostly depends on the house you live in. Besides this, the location and area of your house give the idea about what type of planning is needed to build. After the survey and the permission of authorities, we will provide the best luxurious space for you and your family to meet high-quality standards. Our hardworking and efficient team creates a modified custom Loft Conversion that will have everything you require. Our team will add extra space that will be good enough for bathroom, office or even bedroom. You can add different designs and can include natural light. We will help you to convert your thought into truth. There are four types of Loft Conversion in London. These are L-Shaped Dormer Loft Conversion, Dormer Loft Conversion, Mansard Loft Conversion, Hip to Gable Loft Conversion and Velux Loft Conversion. Our services are also include cupboards, electrical services and even staircases.


    Dormer Loft Conversion

    This type of Loft Conversion creates the best choice for those who are willing to extend the roof space. It creates an easiest way and let you to add light to your attic. As far as concern of the structure, you can transform on the sides or the back of your house.

    Gable Loft Conversion

    With a Hip to Gable Loft Conversion, you are able to extend your house by replacing the sloping roof with the vertical wall. It is ideal for semi-detached, side of detached or even end-terraced property.

    Mansard Loft Conversion

    This particular type of Loft Conversion is ideal for those who want to create additional extra space from inside. In this procedure, we will replace one or both roof slopes having sloping sides. You can mostly see this on detached and semi-detached properties as well.

    Velux Loft Conversion

    If you intend for simplest and less expansive Loft Conversion, then Velux Loft Conversion is the perfect fit for your property. In this way, you can add extra space with no changing the shape of your property roof. Minimal construction and disruption is needed from inside. It creates the ideal option for all types of properties.

    Limited Loft Space In Your London Home Is Not An Issue

    Having a Loft Conversion for your property is quite normal in London. If you have smaller Loft Conversion or you want two small rooms instead of big room then you have to keep few things into consideration to make smaller room into bigger.The colors can play a vital role to make a room look big. If you choose a white color or light colors scheme, then it will alternatively lighter your room and helpful to make a room look bigger.The good combination of color scheme and soft furnishing will alter the look of the room. It is entirely depends on you, for what purpose you want to use the room. There is various outstanding loft room decorating designs available.

    Planning Permission and Building Rules In London For Loft Conversion

    The primary step to start your Loft Conversion is to have an idea about the building rules that Loft Conversion hold. The building rules involves various things that are attached to the protection, availability of headspace, sturdiness of the loft floor, energy efficiency, electrics, window glazing and many more. When you hire a local architect for your loft, he works on building rules. If you contact to us then we will help you in this manner by cutting down the cost of local architect. Mostly, Loft Conversions does not need planning permission if they follow the below criterion.

    There can be 50 cubic meter of maximum extended space is required, ideal for detached and semi-detached properties. For maximum of 40 cubic meters, is ideal for terrace properties.

    • The materials should be as same as your existing property.
    • From the Loft Conversion, you cannot think about any platform, balcony or even veranda.
    • The loft extension should not be over hanged from the wall of the house.
    • The Loft Conversions have no permission within the conservation parts and flats.

    If you want to apply for the planning permission then Best Loft Conversion London Company can help you in this regard. You architect can also help you in this procedure

    Can Loft Conversion Is Efficient To Improve House Energy?

    It is a very rear question. Many people think about it and the answer is yes. When you add a loft conversion then you alternatively, create the option to make your property energy efficient because the setting of insulation is a customary need.There are generally two types of insulation and the selection of right insulation depends on the local building checker or the local authority in case of visiting your house.

    Cold Roof Insulation:

    Firstly, this particular type of insulation is the basic technique to use. By adapting this technique, you need 10cm of insulation in total. The 7cm is designed to fill the space between rafters and the remaining 3cm of slab insulation is connected inside the rafters. For this purpose, almost 5cm gap is left between the insulation of your room and the roof felt. It gives the standard ventilation goals.

    Warm Roof Insulation:

    Secondly, this particular type of insulation includes 10cm of foam insulation layers above the rafters. Warm roof insulation let heat to be consumed inside your house, with no need of insulation system. If you want to opt for dormer, then you must try to consider warm roof insulation. In short, the insulation work will be helpful in the loft that will surely cut down the energy cost of your house. If you want to read more about insulation then you can browse how to insulate your loft rooms.


    How To Find The Correct Loft Design For Your London Home?

    Before you begin the work, you must take into account the design of your loft. It means you should have proper idea about the storage place, bedroom and bathroom place etc. You need to consider the height and space of your loft so that are able to utilize the room properly. If you are sure about your plan, then you can easily place the shower on its correct position and you will have an idea regarding the placement of hand basin. I am sure you do not want to compromise the headspace. The location of the staircase is the main factor that cannot be taken aside. By keeping all necessary factors in mind, you can acquire the best Loft Conversion you wish. In this way, you can enjoy more space for you Loft Conversion. Do you ever think the placement of door because it creates a bigger difference when it comes to open Loft Conversion or Boxy Loft Conversion?

    Below are the two options for designing your Loft:

    Firstly, you can hire a professional architect. He will personally visit your location and helpful to create drawing for your loft. In this way, the builder will efficiently turn your dream into reality. You can also discuss the details of your house and the type of design you want. He will also guide you about the specifications require for internal space.

    Secondly, you can consult regarding your Loft Conversion from Best Loft Conversion London Company. We will have our own local architects that will surely visit your house to prepare the suitable design according to your need. By getting our services, you can cut down the cost of local architect and in reward, you will get fault free Loft Conversion for your home.

    Two Basic Options To Improve The Daylight In Your Loft Conversion

    Roof Lights Or Skylights

    If you want lighter or brighter room then you must utilize roof lights or skylights lead to the area of the roof. By following this procedure, tiles will be removed to fit the skylights. The combination of surrounding tiles and the fitted style will enhance the look of your room. This type of window is moneymaking and not any kind of permission is needed to set up. Take your time and think about the window suitable for your Loft Conversion. To determine the size of the window and position is the key factor to install, this means that you should have an idea that how much light you want to come inside. As far as concern of general rule, the window surface must be around 20 percent of the loft area. It is ideal for those who are seeking for natural light.

    Dormer Windows

    In addition, to provide natural light dormer windows makes the best choice for your Loft Conversion. When you feel the high pitch angle, you can select the dormer windows. By adapting this process, you can extend the internal floor space. Similarly, the mansard conversion type provides the most effective roof space as it indicates the more headspace. The hip to gable conversion type will work same as mansard conversion type.

    Do You Think That The Placement Of Window Is Helpful To Pick The Best-Fitted Roof Shape?

    We all know that the shape and size of the room vary from house to house and you must taken into account the appropriate window for your Loft Conversion. For Example, if you have large or shallow room, equally spaced windows will be beneficial for you. On the contrary, if you have a deeper or narrow room then only one window can be the great solution. Experts have best knowledge about the sort of the window. The window can give you an excellent view and extra headspace if and only if it is within your arm’s reach. Similarly, the center pivot window that works with a rod can be the ideal for out of reach window position. In the last, the most important is your time, think and decide what sort of window you want for your loft. Where you want to place the window can entirely change the look of your room.

    Home Office Or Kids Playroom? What To Select For A Loft Conversion?

    Do you want a good space for office work at home? Are you seeking for the best home office? The loft can be the ideal situation for those who want to do office work at home. If you do not want to use your loft as a bedroom than you purposefully, create an office in your loft. For office work, you require a proper light and it can work through amazing skylights. Picking the right skylights will lighten your loft. When it comes to skylights, select the light colored blinds that will also make your room bright even when closed. It will let you to work stress-free even when the sun is set. The conversion of loft into home office makes the best use of areas across the sloped ceilings. You can place your desk near to the skylight and will have a best space for storage. Contrary, you can use your loft for numerous productive ways. You can use space for the playroom or even bedroom for kids and teens.

    Walk-In Wardrobe Or Dresser? What To Select For A Loft Conversion?

    You do not have limitations when it comes to Loft Conversion. As we all know, that Loft Conversion give us desired space so it has time to give your loft a life. Use creative ideas and go for the walk-in wardrobe. Yes, you can have your own walk-in wardrobe. When awkward sloping roof is a problem, use the little space as a productive way. The bigger skylight above your dresser will enhance the beauty of your loft. What do you think about the cozy and comfortable bedroom with the addition of walk-in wardrobe? You will absolutely love this concept. For those who do not have enough space for walk-in wardrobe or dresser, then they can go for a clothes rack or can pick an open wardrobe. The choice is simply yours.

    Is There A Need Of New Ceiling Joists For Loft Conversion?

    It is not required in all case but, in some cases yes. Since, the existing ceiling joists are unable to take the weight of the conversion floor. For this purpose, you can take the guide from structural engineer about the specification and exact size. Furthermore, Rolled Steel Joists are commonly regarded as RCJs are designed to divide the load, and in some cases designed to carry the ends of new joists. In case of limited headspace, big and thick joists are more closely specified.

    Can You Install Heating And Ventilation System In Your Loft In London?

    If you want to improve energy efficiency in your property, the roof space must be sealed and closed. It is important to set up controlled ventilation to stay away from any harm and keep good quality air as much as possible. Ventilation in your attic or an empty space can be through background ventilation; in simple words, it means trickle vents and airbricks as well as rapid ventilation through window. It is not necessary for having a window for loft bathroom. The matter of fact is, the extract fan can be the great replacement of windows.

    A house extension normally boosts the heating needs, as boiler must be improved, other than an attic conversion requires small capability due to the best insulated walls. The energy efficiency of your home will be improved. Heat emitters in loft room can exist as radiators under floor heating and electric heating mats.

    How Long Will A Loft Conversion Take To Complete?

    The completion duration varies based on different types of Loft Conversions. For Instance, a hip to gable type will take 5 to 7 weeks on semi-detached property. Similarly, a rear dormer takes 4 to 6 weeks on semi-detached property or terraced. This Loft Conversion time duration is just the idea because there are different factors involved in the compilation of Loft Conversion such as weather conditions. We have a dedicated team that will fully try to complete the work on time. The Best Loft Conversion London Company will not disappoint you and will be able to end the work within the given time duration.

    Do Loft Conversions In London Add Worth To Your Property?

    It is a bigger fact that adding a Loft Conversion in your property, you can increase the worth of your property for a longer time. More than 42,000 pounds can added to the value of your property. Therefore, the extra bathroom can add 5 percent to the value of your property. If you increase the inner floor space, around ten percent then it will add almost 5 percent to the value of your property.