L Shaped Loft Conversion


Do you want more internal space? L Shaped Loft Conversion is known as the ideal Loft Conversion type that gives you extra internal space with the addition of headroom. This particular type of loft Conversion comes with lots of options such as having two rooms. The L Shaped Loft Conversion expands to the back of the property and it is ideal for Victorian era and Edwardian houses. This type of conversion usually has L Shaped dormer windows. Dormer window is a form of the roof window generally expands vertically from the slope of the roof. Having a dormer window in L Shaped Loft Conversion creates the extended usable space in a loft.

Have an ideal head height is possible with L Shaped Loft Conversion? Yes, you can get the desirable head space as same as the design of your first floor. With a usual Loft Conversion, you can only get one room on a Victorian or Edwardian terraced property while L Shaped Loft Conversion creates the space of more than one room.

What Type Of Property Is Best Suited To The L Shaped Loft Conversion?

If the type of Loft Conversion depends on the rear extension then it is simple that L Shaped Loft Conversion is well suited to London properties. The Victorian and Edwardian terraced property falls in this category. It is very sure that the type of conversion relies on the structure of the property and certain London homes are perfect for this type of conversion.

The real rear extensions on Victorian and Edwardian properties were designed to build a ground floor kitchen and first floor bathroom. Within the L Shaped Loft Conversion, the rear roof area is ideal for an en suite bedroom and a bathroom.

Is There A Need Of Planning Permission For L Shaped Dormer Loft Conversion In London?

From the varieties of Loft Conversion, some require planning permission but others do not require. The L Shaped Dormer Loft Conversion does not require planning permission. Best Loft Conversion London guides their clients about planning permission and asks them to check the local council planning requirements in this manner because it can vary from area to area across London. Once it is checked and there is no need of planning permission, you require building rules approval when the loft conversion is done. If you have any queries about the requirements, then you can contact at Best Loft Conversion London.