How To Calculate Loft Conversion Costs

Are you interested to add more space to your property rather than to move out? Loft Conversion is the ultimate and easiest option for you by creating more space in your existing house. Before you build a Loft Conversion, check all essential rules and regulations that are applied to your property within your particular area. Once you have permission of structure, the other considerable factor is planning. The basic part that cannot be ignored before constructing Loft Conversion is your budget.  Yes, you should have an idea that how much you want to spend in your Loft Conversion.  In this article, you will specifically able to calculate Loft Conversion cost for your property.

The cost of Loft Conversion is entirely depends on various factors including the structure of your property, additional space you want, roof, what type of changes you opt for, installation of staircase, windows, design and apparently the cost of all other items that can play a basic role to add space and beauty to your house.

Conversion of your loft is entirely a cost effective and easiest procedure that can solve the problem of limited space and in reward can provide an additional space as home office, guest room, kid’s playroom, living area, home cinema, gym, storage space and whatever you want for your loft. Doesn’t sound amazing?  It is best opportunity for those who live in a crowded area, London. With all these things, the basic question come to mind is the cost of Loft Conversion. We will help you to get the basic idea about the average cost of Loft Conversion.

Loft Conversion cost calculation is entirely depends on the location you reside. This article is subjected to average cost of Best Loft Conversion in UK areas with a standard space of 20 meter square.

East Anglia – 11, 097 pounds

Northern Ireland – 8,580 pounds

Scotland – 12,012 pounds

Northern England – 11, 669 pounds

Midlands – 10, 868 pounds

Wales – 10, 639 pounds

Yorkshire – 11, 669 pounds

South West England – 10,686 pounds

South East England – 12,012 pounds

The loft conversion cost for a standard room starts from about 15,000 pounds and it can goes up as much as you want to pay. The cost varies on the quality of products you choose to invest for your conversion. This smallest cost involves

  • Installation of staircase
  • Basic Insulation
  • Skylights
  • Other electrical items involving heat and light
  • Fire Safety precautions

For Loft Conversion, Hip To Gable loft extension can be the considerable option. By adopting this, you can change the sloping side of the roof into flat edges in order to add more space in your loft. The average cost of Hip To Gable Loft Conversion type comes under 30,000 pounds to 35,000 pounds. Furthermore, the cost can be increased based on additional change you opt for your loft.

Are you looking for the additional internal space in your loft? If yes, the most considerable option for you is Dormer Loft Conversion. It is like a box-shaped structure that can extend the outward from the rear of the loft. Dormer Loft Conversion is also regarded as box conversions or kennel. These add extra space and this type of Loft Conversion costs between 19,000 pounds to 30, 000 pounds.

The Loft Conversions can be expensive when you want to alter the roof structure as a whole. Altering the roof structure is the complex and expensive type of Loft Conversion ever. The reason for being costly, removing the whole roof and construct the structure the way you want. Due to the following factors, people want to change the room. These are

  • The structure of the existing roof is not suitable for simple Loft Conversion
  • The existing roof structure is not in a good shape for Loft Conversion.

For people, go for this type of loft conversion for their property needs planning permission, which surely add the cost in their conversion. If you change the roof structure, the average cost starts from 40,000 pounds and it can be extended on the basic of design. The quality, quantity, design and the desirable outcomes are the ultimate factors, which adds up to the cost even more. Eventually, the cost varies due to the number of windows and the type of conversion.

Required Natural Light and Ventilation:

The addition of these items that does not really effect the cost of your loft, because these are the must have items.

Roof Lights

Are you planning for the natural light in your loft, the roof lights are the best options. Roof lights are the most common procedure that can add light into your loft. For Roof lights installation, removing of the tiles from the spaces and the cutting of walls is necessary. This kind of window is budget friendly and does not need any permission in some of the areas.

Dormer Windows:

Dormer windows are not only designed to provide natural light but they add up space in your loft. When the pitch angle is high and the floor space needed to increase, Dormer windows are the best option. As far as effect of Dormer windows, is same to the Hip To Gable conversion, but it is bit costly as compared to others.

Hence, these common factors require getting an idea about calculating the cost of Loft Conversion.