Dormer Loft Conversion

Outline of Dormer Loft Conversion

Do you want to give your home a versatile fit? A Loft Conversion can be the ideal choice. An additional space either it is floor or headspace does not create the best way for your property, but requires various additional factors involving plan, design, cost and the understanding about the structure of your building. You can make the best use of additional space of your home by proper planning and for the purpose; Best Loft Conversion London is the ideal solution.

Undoubtedly, Loft Conversion gives you perfect solution to extend the useable floor space by adding headspace. It can create more options than others can. What do you think about Best Dormer Loft Conversion London?

What is a Dormer Loft Conversion?

The Dormer Loft Conversion is an extension structure designed to project the existing slope of the roof. It looks like a box-shaped formation that can be added onto the pitched roof. The shape of the walls is designed in such a way that directly sits 90 degrees angle to the floor, it let you not to increase only headspace but you can increase floor space too.

The main advantage of Dormer Loft Conversion is really less expansive, so if you do not have big budget then you can easily select Dormer Loft Conversion, it surely give extended space to house. Dormer Loft Conversion is known as the most common type of Loft Conversion in London. There are different types of Dormer Loft Conversion and from those which one suits to your property depends on the shape and roof size of the house.

Dormer Loft Conversion is regarded as the best solution for some reasons

  • It is cost-effective
  • It offers versatile fit having limited space
  • It adds floor space and headspace to your house
  • There is no such need of planning permission under specific limitations

You can select any part of your house either the front part of your property or the side for Dormer Conversion. It totally depends on you and the structure of your house that which type of Dormer Conversion you are looking for.

Through the process of Dormer Loft Conversion, you can add additional space to your property such as bedroom or home office. The Dormer Loft Conversion is a less expensive way to alter the structure of the building with a variety of styles. By selecting this particular type of Loft Conversion offers minimum disturbance than to other types of conversion. Although, there are varieties of Dormer Loft Conversion and the best suited to depends on the shape of the roof and the type of property like detached, semi-detached or terraced property.

Different Range Of Dormer Loft Conversion

It cannot be wrong to say that Dormer Loft is constructed in different shapes such as Flat Dormer, Hip Roof Dormer, Gable Roof Dormer, Shed Roof Dormer and Arched Dormer.

Flat Dormers

Flat Dormer Conversions are most likely among people because they give maximum amount of inner space to your property. On the other side, it cannot look eye-catching when see from outside, but the internal capacity cover the deficiency of appearance. If we talk about hipped roof dormers and gable fronted dormers then we must say they are eye-catching but they failed to provide additional internal space due to complexity. Flat Dormers are cost-effective as compared to other types of dormers. Before to build Dormer Loft Conversion, check that whether local planning department gives the permission, as some local council in London do not let dormers.

Gable Roof Dormer

Are you looking for the best dormer for your terraced property? Gable Roof Dormer is the alternative solution of your problem. Gable Roof Dormer also known by its second name dog-house dormer. This conversion type is extra complex due to its structure because it needs gable wall extension straight to connect the present ridgeline. Gale Roof Dormer Conversion does not need any planning permission. By working on the existing pitched roof, you can add additional space. Furthermore, you can add space and sunlight by adding dormer (vertical) windows.

Hip Roof Dormer

The Hip Roof Dormer Conversion type resembles the Gable Roof Dormer types due to its general shape, but the real roof design is change. This type of conversion is appealing to your eyes; however, it does not give extra inner space. Those areas of London who are likely to be familiar with high winds are favorable of Hip Roof Dormer. In general, it is the difficult conversion to build in terms of its sloping planes.

Shed Roof Dormer

The Shed Roof Dormer Conversion type is as same as Flat Roof Dormer, only there is a slight change from where the roof slopes down. The Shed Roof Dormer has one sloping plane. Houses with a gable roof and the Victorian era properties are the ideal one for this type of dormer conversion.

Arched Dormer

From various varieties of dormer, the Arched Dormers come in the last. The Conversion of loft with this variety keeps arched roof and it can be ideal for period properties of Victorian era.

What Type Of Loft Conversion Is Best Suited To Your London Homes?

The correct type of Best Loft Conversion London is subjected to three major facts

  • For what purpose you intend to use the loft
  • The roof type of your property is the considerable factor
  • The last but not the least budget, how much you want to spend for conversion

Is Your Property Best Fitted For Best Loft Conversion London?

The utmost significant factor that cannot be ignored before transforming the loft space in your home is your existing loft structure. Take a time and think about it before to start. If you have a loft space and pitched roof then you can think about dormer.

Is Planning Permission Required To Dormer Loft Conversion London?

Planning permission is not necessary generally, but if you go far the limitations then yes, you need to do some paperwork. Loft conversion fall within the permitted development, considered to the following terms and conditions.

  • For semi-detached and detached properties, allowance of 50 cubic meters additional roof space. Similarly, for terraced properties, allowance of 40 cubic meters additional roof space.
  • Roof extensions does not require permitted development in entitled areas
  • The loft extension should not be over hanged from the wall of the house
  • There will be no platforms, verandas and balconies
  • Material will be the same as existing house
  • No extension will be high compared to high part of the roof

Best Loft Conversion London Company falls under regulations and limitations, but still permission is obligatory. Best Loft Conversion London helps you for the process of conversion and make sure for a smooth transition. If you trust on us then we will provide 100% satisfaction to clients from initial level to delivery.

Few Important Tips To Know If A Dormer Loft Conversion London Is Best Suited To You?

  • Stress Free Construction with no disturbance and minimal noise�
  • Dormer Loft Conversion London has no actual need of planning permission
  • When it comes to style, there is no option of limitations
  • This form of construction let you to enhance the space
  • The option of Installation of Skylight is valid
  • The vertical walls creates an easy option for you to utilize it as a storage

Know The Best Suitable Ceiling Height For A Dormer Loft Conversion

It is quite valid to think about the ceiling height of your house in order to determine that the loft in your house is best suitable for a Best Loft Conversion London. A traditional roof has maximum height ranges from 2.2 to 2.4 meters, on the other side; a modern trussed roof is about 2.4 to 2.6 meter high. For instance, the preferable headspace level is 2.3 meters, but in case, if the headspace is less than the above then it could be ideal for kitchen, corridor and even bathroom. For a bedroom or home office, there is a need to maintain proper head height. There are different techniques that let to maximize the headspace.

How A Dormer Loft Conversion London Can Be Helpful In Loft Conversion?

To add value in space and offering good return on investments is the first priority of Best Loft Conversion London. It creates a smooth way to experience the best service between the clients and the company for a lifetime.

We try our best to satisfy our clients by offering a cost-effective work. We believe in transparency in terms of charges and work that keeps us prominent from others.

We offer quality work with our experienced and skillful workers. We believe on latest technology and the speedy construction for the completion of work on time.

We believe in eco-friendly atmosphere so that you can share your ideas without any hesitation and based on your ideas we give the correct structure. We do not compromise on credibility and the quality as well.

We talk about your working hours and then design our working hours according to your working schedule. With less disruption and minimal noise, we ensure peaceful normal routine of yours.

Few Commonly Asked Questions About Best Dormer Loft Conversion are below:

Is Planning Permission Required For Dormer Loft Conversion?

In some cases, especially in London, if you opt for Dormer Loft Conversion under the permissible development then there is no need of planning permission. It entirely depends on the property you have. If your property is in conservation region then different types of rules will applied for conversion.

How To Estimate The Cost Of Loft Conversion In London?

It is quite a complicated question to reply before to visit the property. The cost of construction is entirely depend on the design, structure of your property, size of the conversion and various other factors including installing and fitting. Generally, the average cost of a regular Loft Conversion starts from 30,000 pounds and it goes up according to the type of conversion you desire. Before giving a quote, we surely discuss your needs.�

If you opt for Dormer Loft Conversion in London, then you can contact us to know the further details.

What Would Be The Ideal Ceiling Height� For A Dormer Loft Conversion?

Ceiling height is the primary factor that determines that the loft is appropriate for conversion. Usually, the roof height should be between 2.2 to 2.4 meters and for the modern room the minimum height should be between 2.4 to 2.6 meters. The low height can be permissible for hallways or bathrooms but if the head height lower than 2.2 meters then it would be necessary to lower the ceiling of the floor down.

How Can The Dormer Loft Conversion Give Natural Light?

Do you want natural light in your loft? If yes, then you can have natural light via dormer windows and the Skylights too. If the inner space is bigger, then you have more light in your loft by adding Romeo and Juliet balcony.

What Is The Suitable Size For A Dormer Loft Bedroom?

Dormer loft bedrooms have variations in terms of shape and size; some have unusual shapes while others look same as any other bedrooms.


Best Loft Conversion London made its name in the industry for quite a long time and brings the most innovative and comfortable loft design and ideas to fulfill the client’s requirements. Loft Conversions make additional living space in your home and it can create the perfect space for your bedroom, bathroom, home cinema, office, gym, party hall, kitchen and more. On the other side, poorly constructed lofts not only lessen the space but the worth of your property. The choice is only yours whether you want to add value to your property or not.

Best Loft Conversion London is ready to create the smooth relationship between the clients. Customer care is available 24/7, and the Best Loft Conversion London aims to provide best Dormer Loft Conversion.� � Loft Conversion London aims to provide best Dormer Loft Conversion. To calculate Loft conversion Costs visit this page.�