Best Loft Conversion Ideas For Your London Homes


Space is an important part in the standard of our living. Productive use of space is a demanding work for designers. The best support of architecture ensures the good design with no flaws and professional work. However, various options can convert given area into attractive place. The first thing that comes in house transformation is the Loft Conversion. A loft Conversion is basically, a process of transforming the additional space in the attic or loft into a functional room. The spaces are constructed cautiously in order to maximize the use with a best possible way.

Design and Structure

The beauty of the loft depends on the design. The perfect architecture with its amazing designs and techniques brings style in the structure of the loft. Before selection of design, one should takes care the structure of the property. Take a time and decide whether your house is appropriate for the design you desired. With Loft Conversion, you can find the top solution.

The idea of Loft Conversion started in 17th century. With the passage of time and good development, it has been revolved into a variety of shapes. The loft can be transformed into different types of room you wish such as bedroom, living room, home office, study room, gym and much more.

As we said above the types of Loft Conversion, let us introduce the famous Loft Conversion available. All conversions come up to your requirements. These are

  • Hip To Gable Loft Conversion
  • Dormer Loft Conversion
  • Mansard Loft Conversion
  • Velux Loft Conversion
  • L Shaped Loft Conversion

Plans For London Home

Before giving shape to your idea, ensure all available sources and the services. Firstly, solve your conflicts in order to get the realistic solution of what you desire. Some interesting solutions can be taken into account before reaching to the end. Here are some best ways where the Loft Conversion can be useful.

Living Area

You can use your loft into an extended living area that can be utilized as a spare guest room and for a happy gathering.


You can use your loft as a bedroom with all essential facilities that you can wish.

Kid Playroom

Make the best use of loft as a kid’s playroom. Kids want space and have fun by their own ways. Lofts are the ideal solution.

Study Room

In most cases, kids want to have their own study room so that they can study peacefully and without interruption. In this way, they can effectively do their academic activities.

Recording Studio

Are you a music lover? You can have your own studio and the loft offer ideal space to the world.

Office at Home

The loft in your house can be the ideal space for your home office, let you to start productive work in a peaceful space. The loft can improve your productivity levels.


For business purpose, you can use the loft space to stock your materials.

Hall for Small Party

As there is no space for party hall and you do not want to hire then you can create small party hall. When not in use, you can rent it.

Gym Room

Fitness is the ultimate goal for one’s life, as health is the primary factor that cannot be ignored.  The loft areas can be best suitable for workout and related activities. One can train in the loft.


At the end, if you want to have a bathroom in your loft then you can make the best use of it. You can also create a toilet and install a hand basin too.

How To Plan The Loft Conversion As A Correct Way?

Plan the space, which you desire for Loft Conversion. When you will fix the space think about the type of conversion.

After the space is fixed, plan the design. For this purpose, you can hire an architect. Otherwise, you can make an idea about the types of products.

Ensure the design is well suited to your space. Go for the plan that comes with maximum amount of sunlight that will make the room brighter.

Furnish the room with most suitable color theme, decoration and the structure.

Make the best use of eves, used as a storage space by installing the shelves and drawers.

Keep the loft room simple but at the same time stylish, that is appealing to your eyes. Use the latest products that will save you from cost and look more functional.

The surrounding area must be decorated with green plants so that you are able to get fresh air and relief.

Whatever the reason is you desire to use the room, make it possible to come under your needs. By doing some little changes, you can live in your dream area.

When you build a Loft Conversion, there can be different angles that are left untouched. You can use all the angles wisely and use them purposefully.

The entrance should be well positioned. The installation of staircase must be perfectly. If you want to use the ladder instead of staircase, make sure its firmness.

Know the rules. There are the areas that require some kind of planning permission. However, there is lots of information require that needs to understand. To get the amazing results, valid planning is required. We offer the best resources and best services to our clients, you not need to worry about planning permission and all the related stuff.